About Us

The Greater Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Economic Development Council of Western MA – we are West Mass.

West Mass is a culturally rich, northeastern region characterized by the synergy of three distinct and exceptional counties: Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden. Within 40 miles north to south, it is a rural pioneer frontier and eclectic academia hub and an urban economic center. There is no region more fertile for the creation and fulfillment of ideas and experiences. It’s where things are done for the first time.

West Mass is the land of Modern Mavericks. We share a fierce independence and an insatiable desire to take the road less traveled. And we will attract others that share that desire to be, do, live and work in ways that help them stand out rather than fit in. From the casual visitor to the head of a major corporation, the person who wants to come here is the person who wants to make their own way.

West Mass exists and always has for those with pioneering, irreverent, inventive, courageous and relentless spirits that will not rest until they have found their own ‘first’.

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